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well we got rid of not one but both of the kids that were dragging the rest of us down. first we got rid of the guy , had some friends helping us with it, but he's gone. then the girl spent alot of time away from the house then after over a week of not showing up , even to take care of her cats that we took care of. if we had not they would have died , not that she cared, she showed up to the house with him again, and she was the one who wanted us to get rid of him in the first place. guess the guy she wanted to move in with turned her down. she came stomping up to the house and demanded her stuff, she reminded me of the 3 year old having a tantrum, she even stomped her foot, my husband who up till then was willing to just let her have her stuff just to be rid of her, said he wanted his money, well she stared waving her arms in the air like she was going to hit him. so my husband gently turned her around and said we would just let the police handle it. we called our friends and the cops and the cops told us to let her have her stuff but if she forgot any thing too bad she and the boys she brought with her were never again allowed on our land. then the cops stayed for a few to chat with us. so far they are staying at the house of a kid who's parents run a pet grooming shop. wonder how long it will be, before they are back begging us to take them back. i say some time in October. won't do them any good, they show up we call the cops they spend some time in jail. so far they have unfriended us on Facebook but i say who cares no loss there. it won't be long till he leaves her for some one with a better job and a real place to live. or she dumps him for some one else for the same resin. two of a kind leaches.

oh bother

thought we were rid of the one boy who is staying with us. he and his girl friend had a fight and she broke up with him. he was all weepy and tried to make us feel sorry for him. but it was too late , the only resin we allowed him to stay in the first place was that his girl friend was paying to stay not him, and he did nothing to help around the house. he came to me crying that all we had to do was tell him what we wanted him to do and he would do it. i should have told him what was told me a long time ago when i was staying at my sister's house,'if you see something that needs done then do it, you are an adult you should not have to be told what to do'. i learned. but him, he will not even try to find work, all he says is that he can't be hired for lots of resins, the main one is that he does not have a GED. he is 21 years old and has a kid yet he will not take the time to get a GED. my husband and i both think that the boy is nothing more that a parasite. we should never had allowed him to stay with us in the first place, years ago we let his dad stay with us and that was a disaster. to make this short, too late, when the girl came back from her parents house he sweet talked her into taking him back.
i tell you one thing when my son and husband get jobs out both of them go.

way too much time on my hands

well i am as of Nov. out of work. it was weird how it happened. i had been thinking of looking of a better job after the new year but i made the mistake of saying so to the shift manger and the next thing i know i am walking out the door with her yelling to every one even the costumers that i quit. if you ask me the woman was nuts. all i said was that i was thinking of leaving after the new year and she yelled that i might as well quit then and there, before i could say any thing she had it wrote down in the manger log book that i had quit and called the main manger and told Her that i quite, the rest is as i said, all i could do was gather my stuff and leave.
i did find out after the new year that she got fired. don't know what for not even sure i really care. oh well wish me luck.

new sites

hello i had three new sites up, first the is Avenger's fan fiction,Loki/Tom Hiddleston fic, talk and all around list.for all those Avengers fans and Loki lovers. then there is Gold's pawn shop, for all the Oncers out there. so look in and enjoy.

Writer's Block: Spring Cleaning

What do you really need to get rid of?

people who drop over to stay a day or two but end up staying mounts, or who ask us if they can leave pets or store stuff at our place till they can get a place for them but never pick them up.

Writer's Block: Tears of Joy

What was the best day of your life?
i have 2 the day i married my husband and the day my son was born.

Writer's Block: B.Y.O.B. Holidays

every one has enough to eat , is warm and safe

Writer's Block: Fear factor

losing my husband and son, if i lost them i would be dead inside.

Tequila and other things

TITLE; Tequila and other things.
BY; Blaze S. Deverox
NOTES; This came to me at work, I work 3ed shift if that helps you see where my head is. I might do this as a series, if you want me to.
DISCLAMER; ABC owns Once upon a time, sadly not me or Mr. Carlyle would get more screen time.
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Writer's Block: American Censorship Day!

no i do not. censorship is like cancer if not stoped it will distroy you.