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Tequila and other things

TITLE; Tequila and other things.
BY; Blaze S. Deverox
NOTES; This came to me at work, I work 3ed shift if that helps you see where my head is. I might do this as a series, if you want me to.
DISCLAMER; ABC owns Once upon a time, sadly not me or Mr. Carlyle would get more screen time.
Mary Margret loved mornings, the sun the birds signing, the smell of coffee. She always sang when she made breakfast. As she drank her first cup of the day Mary noticed Emma Swan asleep on the sofa instead of the bed in her room.
“Emma what in the world?”
Emma sat up and ran a hand threw her blonde hair before accepting the cup of coffee from Mary. “Hay Mary thanks.”
Mary sat down next to her friend. “I hope you don’t mind my asking, but why are you sleeping on the sofa?”
“Oh Mr. Gold is sleeping in my bed.” Emma said as if that was the most normal thing in the world.
Now Mary considered herself to be a very open minded person, but of all the people in Storybrook that Emma could have brought home for the night, well at least it wasn’t Mayor Mills. “Emma, I don’t mean to tell you who you can sleep with but Mr. Gold?”
“Mary, what?” Then Emma laughed. “OK, no I didn’t sleep with him. Even if he did try to drag me into the back set of my car last night.”
“Then why is he in your bed?”
“Not listing to me when I told him to slow down on the tequila shots. He was way too drunk to drive, so I brought him here.”

A moan from the other room was heard. “The dead lives.” Emma said getting to her feet.
“I’ll make more coffee. I hope he’s OK with all of this, Mr. Gold is known to have a nasty temper.” Mary said heading toward the kitchen.
“Make it strong, don’t worry about it Mary. You can find out a lot about a person when you holding their hair out of their face when their pukeing in your toilet.”
As she made more coffee Mary heard Emma talking.
“OK sleeping beauty rise and shine.”
“I will rise but refuse to shine.” Gold snarled. “Where are my pants?”
“Where you took them off last night, in the back set of my car. By the way do you all ways go commando?”
Mary dropped the coffee.


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Apr. 2nd, 2012 04:52 am (UTC)
Re: More please?
Yes I have a site goldspawnshop. Thank you I love writing about Mr. Gold/Rumple.
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