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way too much time on my hands

well i am as of Nov. out of work. it was weird how it happened. i had been thinking of looking of a better job after the new year but i made the mistake of saying so to the shift manger and the next thing i know i am walking out the door with her yelling to every one even the costumers that i quit. if you ask me the woman was nuts. all i said was that i was thinking of leaving after the new year and she yelled that i might as well quit then and there, before i could say any thing she had it wrote down in the manger log book that i had quit and called the main manger and told Her that i quite, the rest is as i said, all i could do was gather my stuff and leave.
i did find out after the new year that she got fired. don't know what for not even sure i really care. oh well wish me luck.


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Mar. 12th, 2013 01:39 pm (UTC)
Just out of curiosity, where did you work? My last job I was convinced they were trying to find reasons to fire me instead of the real issue: money. All these things happened soon after I started earning over $10 an hour. And it makes me upset as there were other problems they should've been focusing on, not siding with the customer and not taking their employee's word into consideration. So I've been trying to look for a job for nearly 2 years because of people who should be doing a better job at ethics. I'm waiting to hear about one this week and sadly, the fact I have gotten into the Ren Faire doesn't mean I will finally have a paying acting job. I may have to quit if I am required to have the job on weekends, but this lady was quite understanding to my situation.

I'm hoping you will be able to find a job because it's just gotten needlessly impossible and a lot of us deserve to be working again after how we've been treated.
Mar. 15th, 2013 07:40 pm (UTC)
i was working as a cook at a truck stop in Indiana. i was only making 7.50 an hour and working on four days a week. sadly every one only made 7.50 an hour no raises no benefits. i am still looking for work but it's not easy, i have some health problems, and my age. i am planing on going back to school so that i can get a better job but i need to get some thing going now.i am the only one i my house , of six that has any chance of getting any kind of job. my husband was self employed for years till that bottomed out and the rest are kids. one is my son who is 19 the rest are friends of his who were kicked out of their homes to sink or swim. i could not let kids live on the street. but things seam to be picking up here in Indy, new jobs are coming to the state or so they say so it is only a matter of time till all of us are working and the kids will be able to get places of their own.
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