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Writer's Block: 9/11

i was takeing my son to school when i heard about it on the radeo.

Writer's Block: Crime pays

No I do not. I think that ant money they make from writing should be awarded to those they have wronged. The same for money made from selling movie rights.

Writer's Block: Late-night TV

don't watch them at all, got no use for reality TV eather.

Writer's Block: Just a perfect day

there are two best days for me, the first was the day i married my husband the next was the day my son was born.

Writer's Block: Going boldly

Janeway, she was all woman and still could kick ass.

Writer's Block: Teenage dream

i met my real first love in my late 20s, what i would say to him is what took us so long to find each other. we have been very happly amrried to each toehr for 23 years now and still going stong.

Writer's Block: Ride the lightning

yes, one no one wants to spend the rest of their lives in a cage. two it would lower taxes if there were fewer inmates to support.

Writer's Block: Leading a horse to water

it depends, if the kid is a repeated offender and the parents keep bailing them out of it instead of making them take responsibility for their actions yes they should. to many parents refuse to disciple their children, when they are young and the kids grow up thinking they can get away with any thing.
but if the parents are trying to control their kids but the kids still run wild then no.

my son knows that if he brakes the law he will have to pay for what he did. i will be there to sport him but he will still have to pay for he crime. my husband and i have told don't do the crime if you can't do the time. cliche i know but it gets the point across.
one of my favorite writes said '' Don't handicap you children by making their lives easy''

Writer's Block: The winning ticket

fix up my 140 year old house.
Scribe , haven't heard for u in too long, all so we lost internet at my house, but any who . u OK?????