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oh bother

thought we were rid of the one boy who is staying with us. he and his girl friend had a fight and she broke up with him. he was all weepy and tried to make us feel sorry for him. but it was too late , the only resin we allowed him to stay in the first place was that his girl friend was paying to stay not him, and he did nothing to help around the house. he came to me crying that all we had to do was tell him what we wanted him to do and he would do it. i should have told him what was told me a long time ago when i was staying at my sister's house,'if you see something that needs done then do it, you are an adult you should not have to be told what to do'. i learned. but him, he will not even try to find work, all he says is that he can't be hired for lots of resins, the main one is that he does not have a GED. he is 21 years old and has a kid yet he will not take the time to get a GED. my husband and i both think that the boy is nothing more that a parasite. we should never had allowed him to stay with us in the first place, years ago we let his dad stay with us and that was a disaster. to make this short, too late, when the girl came back from her parents house he sweet talked her into taking him back.
i tell you one thing when my son and husband get jobs out both of them go.